You write a novel.

Everyone loves the novel.

Someone makes a movie based off your novel.

Your favorite actor is cast in the movie based on your novel.

You become best friends with said actor.

It can’t happen if you don’t sit your ass down and write your novel.

I love how this person just knows we fantasize about this

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Death Pursuing a Flock of Mortals, James Ensor, 1896

Started watching Breaking Bad recently and saw an uncanny resemblance in one if my kids toys. Meet Heisenduck.http://dailybreakingbad.tumblr.com/


If you want to date me then you have to deal with me singing along with black metal

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Can I pay for concert tickets with my tears

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"Love is a serious mental disease."
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Reblog if you think it’s possible to like the Marauders and Snape without having to bash anyone. 

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"The true sadness of a cemetery comes not from grief, but from abandonment. Monuments outlive the love and memory of those for whom they were dedicated. Grief fades. Oblivion does not."
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